Autumn is a lovely companion. We try, whenever possible, to include her on our vacations. Attached is one such trip to the river. She’s a happy dog!

Sunny and Venus

Both of us were adopted from LAPP. Even though we weren't adopted together, we get along and love each other. We love our new family and they love us.


She is the ruler of all that happens. Happy too. Love her


Here is our precious Bailey. LAPP gave her the name Nikki. She came into our lives 2.5 years ago and just can't help but glue herself to our hips 24/7. I couldn't have asked for a better family member! She loves people and is super gentle with children.

Winnie Cooper

We adopted Winnie Cooper fka Daisy (name given to her by LAPP) 3 years ago. She is the most wonderful little dog. She loves to cuddle and play and run around with her two greyhound sisters. She is such a blessing to our home. We all love her to death!


Daphne [previously known as Dragonfly] fits perfectly into our family. Cody even plays with her gently. She’s a mommy’s girl. I always wake up with her sleeping next to my head. We all love Daphne. She’s so confident, funny and loving.


Farrah is a love. She was originally Snookie, but now is Farrah. A welcome addition to our family. She is a hoot with her quest for action....but also loves attention and sharing her loud purrs!


Grace is a charming muted gray tabby. She is calm and low key, but enjoys playing with people, toys and other cats.


Chloe is a beautiful calico who is quiet and low maintenance. She gets along with cats and dogs. Chloe is a sweet loving lap cat who loves to snuggle.


Allison is quiet and a bit shy. She displays playful kitten antics. Allison likes to climb up high to survey her domain. She is loving and likes to groom other cats. She has a dog friend in her foster home and can be found curled up next to him as they sleep.


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