Crawdad is a fun-loving lap cat. Crawdad wants to be wherever you are. She loves being on or near you, especially when you rub her head or ears. Crawdad likes to sleep on her foster's bed, up by the head and enjoys morning cuddles. Crawdad is a very loving companion.


Skitten is a sweet girl who will follow you around like a dog. She wants to be with her person. She likes to lay near her foster and sleep with her. Skitten plays with toys and enjoys climbing on tall cat trees. She is a wonderful companion.


I am the only girl who grew up with 3 brothers, so I am a little scared when I first meet you. Once I get to know you I do like to be petted and love kisses. I especially like to be rubbed behind my ears. I love to play with all kinds of toys like balls that have bells and fluffy little mice. Hopefully I can find a home with one of my siblings however, if not, that's ok. I would like a friend to play with.


Claire is a dainty girl who can't get close enough to you. She loves to be petted and talked to. She's a lap cat and loves to snuggle with you. She enjoys playing with toys and other cats. She's a lively companion.


I was doing my best to care for my 3 babies, and thankfully some kind people came to my rescue. The pups are now 8 weeks old (Dolly, Beau and Roy) and are ready for homes of their own. I am done raising youngsters, and want to find a forever family. I am sweet, affectionate and will love to be close to you. I weigh 18 lbs. - just the right size.


Pat is a very shy, but sweet girl. She needs a stable quiet environment in which to blossom. Pat loves to be brushed, so that is a good bonding activity with her special person. Pat will do best as an only animal, in a quiet home with one or two people. Pat does not handle change well, so patience is needed to help her acclimate to new surroundings in her own time frame. You will be rewarded with a constant, loving companion.


Abigail is an easy going girl who enjoys head rubs and quality time with her human. She does not like to be carried around, but doesn’t mind being picked up and held. She likes to take naps with cats and/or dogs. Abigail is a nice low-maintenance companion who will keep you company while watching television or reading a book.


Brittany is a quiet, calm, low maintenance cat who enjoys hanging out with you on the couch. She's a great companion for watching tv, reading or relaxing. Brittany gets along with other cats and dogs. She's unusual in that most orange tabbies are male.


Audrey is a dainty little girl who is still nervous about people. She is funny, playful and active. She enjoys playing with other cats and toys.


Rusty is a very active, playful girl. She enjoys playing with her twin sister, toys and other cats. She is quite the acrobat - entertaining you with jumps, flips and somersaults.


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