Brittany is a quiet, calm, low maintenance cat who enjoys hanging out with you on the couch. She's a great companion for watching tv, reading or relaxing. Brittany gets along with other cats and dogs. She's unusual in that most orange tabbies are male.


Wynonna is a cuddle bug. She wants to be with you or on you most of the time. She will crawl in your lap if
you’re sitting at a computer, or lay cradled in your arms if you’re watching tv. She is active and loves to play with
other cats and toys. She is a joy.


I was named for half of the wayward duo - Thelma and Louise. I am a bit shy at first, but friendly and like to play. I have a mischievous side. I know how to open doors [the lever type handles] and can possibly let myself outdoors ! Road trip !


I was named for half of the wayward duo - Thelma and Louise. I am friendly, talkative and like to play. I have allergies [like most Houstonians]. I am so laid back, you have to give me a reason to get up. I'm a lap cat when I want to be. I'm a loving companion.


Audrey is a dainty little girl who loves to snuggle in your arms or on your lap. She is funny, playful and active. She enjoys playing with other cats and toys.


Rusty is a very active, playful girl. She enjoys playing with her twin sister, toys and other cats. She is quite the acrobat - entertaining you with jumps, flips and somersaults.


Rachel enjoys being held and will start purring the moment you touch her. She is very active and loves playing with toys, her twin sister and other cats. She's a happy little girl.


Arya is a quiet girl. She is extremely playful and full of kitten energy, but is very sweet and loves to be held and cuddled. She is a little shy and might take a while to warm up, but when she does, you won't find a sweeter kitten.


Sansa is outgoing and social. She loves to be petted and is not shy about asking for cuddles. She has a loud and eager purr. Bold and adventurous, this energetic girl is always up for playing and exploring.


Aren’t I a cutie? Look how pretty my coat looks. Can you believe someone decided to leave me alone in a cart in a pet store? I’ve had puppies and I guess they thought I was too old and had some health issues so I couldn’t produce more puppies. Loving Arms has taken me under into their loving arms and I am getting much better. My hair is looking good and the doctor says I’m on the road to good health and with the help of Loving Arms on the road to happiness and into a really loving home where I can cuddle with you.


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