Beautiful, sweet Cappuccino, with her crystal blue eyes & her soft, delicate meow ! Even though she probably isn't a pure breed "Ragdoll Cat Breed", there's no doubt that she comes from that line. Her soft, silky, long hair, is perfectly colored with her points of greys on her ears, face & tail. She also has beautiful patches of light greys on her back that compliment her darker point colors. Cappuccino is extremely friendly & will talk to you with her delicate, soft meows and begs you to pet her ! She also has a silly habit of enjoying pulling tissues out of a Kleenex box.


GraceLynn is a quiet lady that enjoys the company of her human. She is happy to lay next to you and keep you company while you watch television or read a book. She lives with other cats and a dog and gets along with them all. She would love to have a family to call her own.


Ah, a bed feels so good after what I have been through. Can you believe someone was so heartless that they put me in a pet carrier with a blanket and left me at the base of a pine tree on the coldest night of the new year? Luckily, a nice lady took me into PetSmart and they called Loving Arms who took me in after hearing my story. I am healthy and love to be held. I don’t know why this happened to me but I am ready to be your sleeping partner and I don’t take up much room. Please come see me and let’s get to know each other.


I am so excited to be outside with my best friend, Gertie. We were left at a kennel 4 years ago and are closely bonded so need to be adopted as a pair. I am a sweet girl who can’t wait to walk with you and play with Gertie in your back yard. We make a cute couple don’t we?


Me and my shadow (Leah) are waiting here for you to adopt us. We were left together at a kennel 4 years ago so we are closely bonded and need to be adopted as a pair. I am a happy-go-lucky girl who can’t wait to play with Leah in your back yard and be part of your family. Even though we are cared for and loved at the kennel we dream of having a home of our own with you and your family.


My sunny disposition will quickly win you over! You see, I am happy to be a citizen of this world, and more than anything want a family to call my own. My past is a bit rough. If being homeless in the trailer park were not enough, I contracted distemper. You will be aware of a small twitch in my face at first, but then you won't even notice it. That is a side effect, and has become much less severe in the past several years.
I'm a survivor, for sure, and now it is my turn to get pampered by you doting humans.
Call me.


Finally, my beautiful spirit shows through after having all those icky mats shaved off. I was found with my doggie friend, Dolly Parton, wandering the streets looking for a nice family/person to adopt me. Loving Arms took me in and here I am ready for my own comfortable home with people who will love me and keep me looking as beautiful as I know I am.

Dolly Parton

“I feel pretty, oh so pretty” describes how I feel after my recent grooming. Don’t you agree? I was found wandering the streets with my doggie friend, Ginger, and my fur was so matted that it hurt. Now that Loving Arms got involved I can shine like the pretty girl that I am. Please consider adopting me and I will be your perfect companion.


Seriously folks, I am waiting patiently for you to come and see me It is so nice to be off the streets, have a nice place to sleep and eating good food. Let’s get together and go for a nice walk in the sunshine or anytime. I’m waiting for you to come and take me home to be a member of your family.


I am a sweet girl who has had puppies and am finished with that and ready for a lifetime of fun on my own. I am very happy that Loving Arms saw my pretty face, took me off the streets and knew I would make a good companion for you. I have finished with my heartworm treatment and stand ready and waiting to go for a walk with you, my favorite person. Let’s get this adoption going as I am ready to go home with you and be part of a family.


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