Rusty is a very active, playful girl. She enjoys playing with her twin sister, toys and other cats. She is quite the acrobat - entertaining you with jumps, flips and somersaults.


Rachel enjoys being held and will start purring the moment you touch her. She is very active and loves playing with toys, her twin sister and other cats. She's a happy little girl.


Arya is a quiet girl. She is extremely playful and full of kitten energy, but is very sweet and loves to be held and cuddled. She is a little shy and might take a while to warm up, but when she does, you won't find a sweeter kitten.


Sansa is outgoing and social. She loves to be petted and is not shy about asking for cuddles. She has a loud and eager purr. Bold and adventurous, this energetic girl is always up for playing and exploring.


Aren’t I a cutie? Look how pretty my coat looks. Can you believe someone decided to leave me alone in a cart in a pet store? I’ve had puppies and I guess they thought I was too old and had some health issues so I couldn’t produce more puppies so I was kicked to the curb. Loving Arms has taken me in and now I am feeling better. My medical issues have resolved but I will never be the speedy companion to a runner. (Both of my hips were dislocated and required surgery.) In spite of past hardships, I am happy and spirited.


I'm a fun little bundle of energy! Still a puppy, I really need a doggie play friend or some kids who will run and play with me. I'm getting the housetraining thing down, but still forget now and then. I won't get much bigger (8 lbs). I know dogs in my foster home and don't much care about cats.


Don't let my "special needs" label scare you. I am almost completely blind, but move around well, and only need the sweet sound of your voice to guide me in unfamiliar areas. I love to sit outside and feel the warm sun on my face, and then will snuggle next to you when it is time to rest. Other dogs in my world are fine, and I really like it when they come up and want to get acquainted with their noses. I am laid back, sweet and hope to find a family of my own.


I'm a young, outgoing girl, hoping to find my forever family. Nobody knows how I ended up on the mean streets, hungry and scared, but those days are in the past. I have a dog roomie, and we enjoy our play time. Kids are ok with me, if you have them. I don't know any cats, but would be happy to get acquainted.

Weight: 50 lbs
Age: 18 months


Sarah is a Manx cat with the coat coloring of a Russian Blue. Sarah is a rumpy - she has absolutely no tail. Sarah is a happy girl, very calm and loving. She had 2 babies of her own and accepted 2 other kittens as hers. She enjoys hanging out with you and being near where the home action is.


Lucy is a precious, happy little orange tabby with beautiful amber eyes. She is a bit unique because she is a female orange tabby . Most orange tabbies are male. She actually knows her name and comes when you call her. Lucy LOVES to play with bottle tops or anything she can bat around/carry around in her mouth, eat yummy food and to sleep cuddled up to you. At times she is quite independent but is also sweet and wants to be around you.


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