With Alice, you could not ask for a sweeter lap cat. She craves company and seeks you out. Alice follows you around like a dog and can never get enough attention. She has the softest fur.


Gracie is a sweet laid back, lap cat. She gives great head butts and kisses. If there is sun shining near a window, Gracie loves to stretch out and bask in the sun.


Daisy with her new sibling, Hunter.


Here's Roxi! Formerly Dottie. She's been with her family for over a year now. Loves her brother Murphy, sunbathing and tons of walks! She's the biggest cuddler and loves attention! Her family is so happy to have her!

Abby [adopted as Cashew]

Abby [the terrier formerly known as Cashew] with her brother Buster.


Faith is adjusting quite nicely and becoming my lap cat as you can see. We did change her name and it is now Daisy Faith Duke. I couldn’t help myself and had to rename her Daisy Duke, hah! Our other cat, Ziggy is getting used to her as well – a couple of more weeks and I believe they will be the dynamic duo.


This is Sunnie. She was adopted in April, 2015. Her family thinks she is a complete delight - so affectionate and playful.


Shelby's family says they are lucky to have her in their family. She is so affectionate and happy and they have named her Shelby the three-legged Wonderdog. Shelby was adopted earlier this year after coming to LAPP from Beaumont.


This is Aurora. We decided not to change her name. When we first got her home she was painfully shy; she hid under the bed most of the time. As time went on, she came out of her shell and is now a happy and affectionate companion to the whole family.


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