Happy Endings - Adopted & Rescued Pets

Abby [adopted as Cashew]

Abby [the terrier formerly known as Cashew] with her brother Buster.


With Alice, you could not ask for a sweeter lap cat. She craves company and seeks you out. Alice follows you around like a dog and can never get enough attention. She has the softest fur.


I'm a young and happy guy, ready for my new family. Take me out for a walk, jog, or some goodies at the pet supply store. Doggie play friends are fine. I have not met cats. Kids would be fun, too! Let's meet soon.


This is Aurora. We decided not to change her name. When we first got her home she was painfully shy; she hid under the bed most of the time. As time went on, she came out of her shell and is now a happy and affectionate companion to the whole family.


Autumn is a lovely companion. We try, whenever possible, to include her on our vacations. Attached is one such trip to the river. She’s a happy dog!


Here is our precious Bailey. LAPP gave her the name Nikki. She came into our lives 2.5 years ago and just can't help but glue herself to our hips 24/7. I couldn't have asked for a better family member! She loves people and is super gentle with children.


This is Finn (formerly known as Bentley). Finn has adapted amazingly to his new home & family and so loves his fur-sister, Izzy! Some of Finn's favorite things: being towel-dried after a bath, doggie treats made with pumpkin, fresh mango, completely destroying as many toys as he can find and catching a few rays on the patio! He recently visited the beach for the first time, and although he was hesitant at first - he got to experience wading in the surf and rolling in the sand and he loved it! His family adores him and can't even remember life without him.