Meg is a dainty little girl. She is a bit shy at first, but likes being held. She likes to pounce on her brother, Stewart, and entice him to chase or wrestle. Meg likes rolling balls around and is still learning to roll a ball on a circular track. She does enjoy climbing.

Queen B

Need a new family member that loves everyone and everything? We have the answer. Queen B was rescued from BARC, and we spent some time getting her skin cleared up. Now, she is ready for her happy ever after.

Queen B is housetrained, walks well on leash, and can be in a home with other dogs, cats and/or kids. She will quickly bond with a human, so be prepared for instant affection. She is truly a gem!

Mrs. Potts

Mrs. Potts is a sweet companion. She enjoys people, going for walks and hanging out. She may be best as an only dog so she may have all your attention.


Ree is a dainty, loving girl who purrs when she sees you. She is a kitty who needs companionship, probably another cat. She doesn't do well with dogs or small children. She can get a little hissy around both. She is a sweet loving little girl who loves to play with a round ball track and other toys by herself and she enjoys chasing other cats around the house. She also likes to spend a lot of time looking out windows at birds and squirrels.



Marissa is very sweet and will purr when you pet and hold her. She also seeks affection by rubbing her head against your hands and arms. She plays with toys and other cats.


It took some time for my leg injury to heal, but now I am good to go! I will be your best cuddler and you can be my rock star. I love walks, play time and a soft bed by your side. I have foster dog friends and like them, but really prefer peeps. I am small, just 12 lbs. and can't wait to start off my new life on all 4 paws. Young children might be a bit too much and I have not met cats although I see them on my walks. They don't seem like very good play friends.

Let's meet soon.


Noodles was born in September, 2016. She lives with other cats and a dog and has spent time with children. She can sometimes have a bit of an attitude and would probably prefer to be an only child or have only one other cat in the house. Please consider adding Noodles to your family.


Sheba is very affectionate, and anxious to please. She is playful and loves to wrestle with her best friend, Rocky. She also loves cuddle time and will happily doze next to you on movie night. She gets along well with several dogs in her foster home and can also be placed into a home with cats. Sheba's 2 puppies have moved on to their forever home. Now it is her turn. Please view Rocky if you are considering a pair. You won't be sorry!


Macie is a very talkative girl. She's got a lot to say and enjoys sharing her thoughts. She is energetic and likes playing with toys - especially when you interact with her. She enjoys companionship and cuddles.


I am a sweet and happy lab mix, almost 1 year old. I would do well with a family, another dog or kids. All the best lab traits come with my beautiful blond looks. If you want a darker color, check out Gabby.


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