Available Dogs


I'm a happy, outgoing little guy and hope to find my forever family soon. I love people, and am a professional snuggler. Other dogs are fine, and I will share my things. My love and loyalty will win you over.


I like children, other dogs and am okay with cats. I am also house trained. I am very sweet and quiet and would love to cuddle on your lap or on the couch. I eat and sleep in my crate and like to hibernate there at times. Since Hurricane Harvey, my owner cannot take care of me so please consider adopting me and we can be best friends.

Bella Donna

Well, I have to tell you, I have had a hard 12 months. I was lost and had been lost for quite awhile. I was really hungry, tired and lonely so one day I followed a lady home who was walking her dogs. She was kind enough to take me home with her. Could you say no to those sad eyes? I never had a nice place to live before and I am not sad any more. I want to do everything to please everyone! I am told that I get too excited but how would you feel after the start I had...EXCITED! Excited to have a dry warm place to sleep. Excited to have food in my tummy EVERY DAY.


I am a sweet boy who is a bit skittish but I'm getting used to new people and those noises all around us. I am good with cats, other dogs, kids and I am house trained. When I am comfortable with my surroundings I am a big, playful boy. I look forward to meeting my forever family soon.


I like children, other dogs and am ok with cats. I am house trained. I love to play with other dogs and would love to cuddle on your lap or on the couch. I eat, sleep and like to hibernate in my crate. Since Hurricane Harvey, my owner cannot take care of me so please consider adopting me and I will be your best friend.


I am a sweet girl who has had puppies and am finished with that and ready for a lifetime of fun on my own. I am very happy that Loving Arms saw my pretty face, took me off the streets and knew I would make a good companion for you. I have finished with my heartworm treatment and stand ready and waiting to go for a walk with you, my favorite person. Let’s get this adoption going as I am ready to go home with you and be part of a family.


My story sounds like a country western song. I was shot, hit by a car, dumped, unwanted and unloved. I was found and taken to a country animal control shelter. Animal Control asked for someone to help me and Loving Arms said YES and then took me in. I was skinny, had worms, my leg was infected where I had been shot, the back of my neck had a wound also (possibly from another bullet), part of my tail was missing and I’m blind in my right eye. But other than that, I was just fine. Oh, and did I tell you, they gave me a toy, and OMG was that fun!


My sunny disposition will quickly win you over! You see, I am happy to be a citizen of this world, and more than anything want a family to call my own. My past is a bit rough. If being homeless in the trailer park were not enough, I contracted distemper. You will be aware of a small twitch in my face at first, but then you won't even notice it. That is a side effect, and has become much less severe in the past several years.
I'm a survivor, for sure, and now it is my turn to get pampered by you doting humans.
Call me.


Don't let my "special needs" label scare you. I am almost completely blind, but move around well, and only need the sweet sound of your voice to guide me in unfamiliar areas. I love to sit outside and feel the warm sun on my face, and then will snuggle next to you when it is time to rest. Other dogs in my world are fine, and I really like it when they come up and want to get acquainted with their noses. I am laid back, sweet and hope to find a family of my own.


Seriously folks, I am waiting patiently for you to come and see me It is so nice to be off the streets, have a nice place to sleep and eating good food. Let’s get together and go for a nice walk in the sunshine or anytime. I’m waiting for you to come and take me home to be a member of your family.