Available Dogs


I'm a little man with a big hairstyle! I love other dogs (less than 15 lbs. please) and kids are ok as long as they respect my size. I am outgoing, happy and enjoy my doggie play friends. A warm lap and soft bed will seal the deal in your home. I have met a few cats and they are all bigger than me.


Get ready for fun! I am active and outgoing. Jog? You bet! Walk? Ok, too. I am outgoing, happy and ready to start a long term relationship with you! The world awaits. Other dogs are fine, and kids who will spoil me are ok, too. Cats are a big mystery, and I have never actually come face to face with one. That will be one of my new adventures!


I'm a happy, outgoing little guy and hope to find my forever family soon. I love people, and am a professional snuggler. Other dogs are fine, and I will share my things. My love and loyalty will win you over.

Bella Donna

Well, I have to tell you, I have had a hard 12 months. I was lost and had been lost for quite awhile. I was really hungry, tired and lonely so one day I followed a lady home who was walking her dogs. She was kind enough to take me home with her. Could you say no to those sad eyes? I never had a nice place to live before and I am not sad any more. I want to do everything to please everyone! I am told that I get too excited but how would you feel after the start I had...EXCITED! Excited to have a dry warm place to sleep. Excited to have food in my tummy EVERY DAY.


My first family threw me away so I’m looking for a new one. I am 15 lbs, happy, outgoing and like other dogs. I have not met any cats yet. I came from a bad part of town known as the Corridor. When those kind people picked me up, I was standing in the middle of a busy street, feeling very scared and confused.



My story sounds like a country western song. I was shot, hit by a car, dumped, unwanted and unloved. I was found and taken to a country animal control shelter. Animal Control asked for someone to help me and Loving Arms said YES and then took me in. I was skinny, had worms, my leg was infected where I had been shot, the back of my neck had a wound also (possibly from another bullet), part of my tail was missing and I’m blind in my right eye. But other than that, I was just fine. Oh, and did I tell you, they gave me a toy, and OMG was that fun!


Gunner is a wonderful companion. He enjoys being with people, children and other dogs. However Gunner would not be a good fit if you have cats. He likes to chase them. But if you like walks, someone to play fetch and run, Gunner is your guy.


I'm a happy and outgoing guy. Give me a place by your side and I will be your loyal companion. I would enjoy a doggie friend in my new home. Cats look interesting, but we have not met in a formal manner.

Age: 1.5 years
Weight: 15 lbs.


Hi my name is Hope.

I am a German Shepherd and here’s a little bit about me. On Saturday I was enjoying a ride in a pickup truck but was pushed out, at a Pet Smart store - while the truck was still moving. I don’t know why they pushed me out but it made me very sad. I don’t understand why they threw me from the truck I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m very sweet and love treats - I look for them whenever I can.


I just turned 1 year old and am happy and outgoing. I have dog friends and love them. People are great, too, because they know how to cuddle. I am active, but not hyper. Love walks and playing with toys. I don't know any cats yet.