Cary is a young adult grey tabby who purrs almost the minute you make eye contact. He is so happy and friendly - he thinks everyone is at events to see him. He is very playful with cats, people and toys. Cary is interested in whatever is going on around him and enjoys one on one time with his person.


I am a big (70 lb) and happy 2 year old “love bug”, just released from a county shelter. My breeds are lab and Catahoula, but my head looks like a Newfoundland. I am very sweet, Happy, healthy and can't wait for our walks.


Charcoal is a funny black and white tuxedo kitty. He will talk to get your attention and beg you to interact with him. He loves attention, petting and head rubs. Charcoal loves playing with toys, strings and other cats. He gets along well with dogs.


My litter mates and I were dumped when we were 3 weeks old. There are 6 of us and now we are ready to find our forever homes.


Position of "Furry Family Member" has been filled. Houston, the Scooby has landed and all is well.


Toto was found running down the road, he had been hit by a car. But he is doing well and he is ready for his forever home.


Hi my name is Rory
I am a lab mix, and I am about seven months old. Somebody found me and my sister on the side of the road and posted me on Facebook. Now I’m in a loving foster home. My sister was adopted already. I miss her but she’s in a forever home now and she’s happy. I couldn’t get adopted until now because I had to have surgery on my foot - it was broken.


This is Teddy. He is shy, just like his brother. He likes to snuggle and get as close as possible to his foster mom. He is number 4 of our newest arrival.


My foster mom calls me 'Sweet Pea' because though he has had a rough go of it, getting eye drops that sting twice a day and taking liquid medicine, he doesn't avoid interaction and has soldiered on quite bravely. In fact,Todd is very affectionate and enjoys snuggling, which melts our hearts considering all that we have put him through to get him to his current healthy status. He is delightfully curious and seems interested in making friends with other household pets.


This is Finn (formerly known as Bentley). Finn has adapted amazingly to his new home & family and so loves his fur-sister, Izzy! Some of Finn's favorite things: being towel-dried after a bath, doggie treats made with pumpkin, fresh mango, completely destroying as many toys as he can find and catching a few rays on the patio! He recently visited the beach for the first time, and although he was hesitant at first - he got to experience wading in the surf and rolling in the sand and he loved it! His family adores him and can't even remember life without him.


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