Ok, it got a little weird in my former life. I’m a smart guy and learn easily – they really didn’t need to hit me. Ouch! Thankfully, those days are over – the “meanies” left me at the shelter and some kind folks came to get me. So, “adios” to bad dreams, bad people and being scared. I now have some dog friends, get walks and good treats and have learned to trust. Mostly, I want to sit in your lap and give all the kisses you want to take. My confidence is back, and you know my sweet face is irresistible – not to mention that crazy curly tail. You have my number.


This sweet baby came from a hoarding situation where there were 17 other dogs and Jasper. He was so scared and so dirty, but he is learning people are ok and really enjoys having a clean bed and plenty of food to eat.


My first family threw me away so I’m looking for a new one. I am 15 lbs, happy, outgoing and like other dogs. I have not met any cats yet. I came from a bad part of town known as the Corridor. When those kind people picked me up, I was standing in the middle of a busy street, feeling very scared and confused.



My sister and I were abandoned as puppies in Humble. She has found her forever family, and now I am ready for my “happy ever after”. I am shy at first, but warm up quickly. I like other dogs, and have the cutest underbite. Mom calls me “cow dog” since I have interesting colored spots on my sides. I love to chase toys and do great by your side on movie night.

Age: 2 years

Weight: 13 lbs.


Walter is a sweet boy, waiting for his chance.


One day, a very cute little black and silver dog went on a walk-about. He headed out on his adventure, looking for love, snacks or fun, in who knows what order. His path took him along a very busy road with no shoulder, a recipe for disaster for animals. Fortunately, a nice person stopped and grabbed him before he became a puddle of eyelashes on the road.


Personality: Playful
Likes: Other Dogs (especially Honey), people, treats, walks,
Pet bed, toys
Dislikes: Being outside without the company of a person
(not sure if I like cats or not)
Medical: Fully vaccinated
Heartworm preventative (montly)
Weight: 85 lbs
Age Estimate: 1 ½-2 Years


Valentino is a laid back, low maintenance fellow. He is very easy-going. Valentino is happy to be with human and animal company or by himself. He likes to hang out where you are.


Simon is a fun loving young man who loves playing with toys and chasing the laser light. He is happy playing with his toys by himself or with others. He has a lot of energy, but when he’s through playing he is content to lay in your lap or next to you.


My name is Picasso. I am super outgoing, LAP CAT. I love people and young children. I love to be held when I'm not exploring the house. Please consider making me a part of your family. I would fit nicely into any household.


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