Last, but not least, let me introduce myself. I am Zeke - fun, happy and full of life. I am a little man with a big spirit. My doggie play friends love me and it would be great to have a little buddy in my new home. Or, you can throw the ball for me! Either way.
I am a good snuggle size but do love a walk every day. Get my supplies ready.
Call me!


Am I cute, or what? My outgoing and happy spirit will bring you in for a closer look, and my looks will seal the deal. I won't bore you with my sad story, because I have moved on. Get me some toys, a companion (2 or 4 legged) and I will be content. Want to walk or jog? Take me. You won't regret committing to me because I will commit to you! 110%

Weight: 40 lbs.


Although I can't tell you what happened, you will notice that I am slow to trust new people. Give me a chance to get to know you and I will be a loyal, forever companion.

You see, I was abandoned at a time when my ear infections caused severe pain. I didn't realize that my rescuers would help me, and my head was aching. Slowly I began to feel better, and could get the rest I needed.


I'm a happy, outgoing little guy and hope to find my forever family soon. I love people, and am a professional snuggler. Other dogs are fine, and I will share my things. My love and loyalty will win you over.


Stewart is a happy guy who likes to play with his sister. He's learning to climb, bat a ball around and has been practicing rolling a ball around a circular track.


I'm a happy and outgoing guy. Give me a place by your side and I will be your loyal companion. I would enjoy a doggie friend in my new home. Cats look interesting, but we have not met in a formal manner.

Age: 1.5 years
Weight: 15 lbs.


I'm a young and happy guy, ready for my new family. Take me out for a walk, jog, or some goodies at the pet supply store. Doggie play friends are fine. I have not met cats. Kids would be fun, too! Let's meet soon.


Nick is a very playful, affectionate boy. He isn't afraid of anything! He loves to sleep curled up next to his foster mom. Nick, along with his sister and brother, Nora and Noah, were found in a LAPP foster's garbage can! Despite that rough start, he is a healthy (growing like crazy), spunky ,sweet boy.


I am the original Texas Tornado. If you’re looking for a dog with energy, that’s me with a capital E. I LOVE walks and playing with dogs, kids or anything that moves. I am friendly and rambunctious. You need to see me to believe how cute I am. Sitting in a crate doesn’t do me justice.


Rocky was found in the country with his friend, Sheba. He is outgoing, happy and eager to please. He is learning both leash manners and how to get along with cats. There are other dogs in his foster home, too. If you are considering a pair, please view Sheba and read her story. The 2 are best friends and would love to be placed together.


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