Joseph was brought into Loving Arms as an injured baby. He spent several days in the hospital and was released with a good health report. Joseph had a tilt to his head, and it was determined he had polyps in his ears. The polyps were removed and Joseph was pronounced completely healthy. However, the polyps did cause Joseph to lose his hearing. That does not slow him down at all. He has learned hand signals and has a BIG voice. So when he wants your attention, you will DEFINITELY hear him. Joseph is so sweet and loving.


You'd never know that - inside this tiny body - beats the heart of a lion. Pocket had extreme health challenges his first few months, but that is all behind him. He gets stronger every day and adds new skills to his wealth of activities. He purrs constantly and loves to be held or sleep next to you. Pocket plays with other kittens and cats but also likes to hone his skills playing with one of the ball track toys. He is steadily growing into a loving companion.


Jack is a sweet, low maintenance cat. He likes to be where his person is and enjoys attention. Jack likes ear rubs, petting and giving head butts as a sign of affection. He's a calm companion.


Don’t I look handsome? I think I do, but I wonder why someone left me to wander the streets and get picked up by the Brazoria Animal Shelter. Luckily the nice lady there called Loving Arms and they rescued me. I am a sweet, sweet boy who loves everybody, including other dogs. I’m not sure about cats. The doctor took care of my sore leg and it feels so much better that I am ready to be adopted. Can you find a place in your heart for a fantastic young man like me?


Cory is a high energy, playful cat who also loves to lay in your lap and be snuggled. He enjoys playing with toys, children and other animals. When Cory is happy, he purrs like a machine.


Hello there, I’m waiting patiently for you, you lucky person. I was picked up in Brazoria County and taken to the animal shelter. The head lady there saw a future for me and called Loving Arms who took me in and got me healthy. I am now ready for adoption since I have finished my heartworm treatment. I think we can make beautiful music together. You can change the spelling of my name as the shelter didn’t know I was a boy.


I am a frisky young man who was found wandering the streets and taken to the Brazoria Animal Shelter. Loving Arms heard of my plight and sprung me from their facility. I look forward to a happy life with a loving family who will take me for walks, no running please, and play with toys. I enjoy car rides and will even try to drive or sit in your lap. Now that my surgery and rehabilitation are over and were successful I am ready to come home with you and be loved to the moon and back.


Aren’t I a striking young man? I am very active even though I weigh only 12 lbs. I am ready to show you all my love so please consider adopting me. I am currently being fostered with other dogs and love playing with them. The family’s kids also like to play with me. So if you have other dogs and kids, I would be the perfect companion.


Last, but not least, let me introduce myself. I am Zeke - fun, happy and full of life. I am a little man with a big spirit. My doggie play friends love me and it would be great to have a little buddy in my new home. Or, you can throw the ball for me! Either way.
I am a good snuggle size but do love a walk every day. Get my supplies ready.
Call me!


Am I cute, or what? My outgoing and happy spirit will bring you in for a closer look, and my looks will seal the deal. I won't bore you with my sad story, because I have moved on. Get me some toys, a companion (2 or 4 legged) and I will be content. Want to walk or jog? Take me. You won't regret committing to me because I will commit to you! 110%

Weight: 40 lbs.


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