Been there, done that - now ready for a life of leisure. Arthur was a world-weary stray who had been shot in the right front leg. The bones were shattered and the bullet fragment was still inside. A wonderful couple rescued Arthur and brought him to Loving Arms. While a couple of vets recommended amputating his leg, our vet performed surgery to align the bones and insert a pin. Arthur has been strengthening his leg as he learns that life is very wonderful indoors. He never has to worry that he will be attacked; good food is always available and there are so many warm, soft places to sleep.


Benji is a "Ragdoll Breed mix", which really shows with his beautiful, soft, thick coat that has the contrasting reddish brown color points on his ears, face & big, pouffy tail. At first glance, his coat looks solid white, but if you look closely you will notice the hint of the reddish brown hues on the tips of his hair...just a hint! He will watch you intently with his beautiful crystal blue eyes and always looks deep into your eyes when he talks to you. He doesn't hesitate to ask you for attention, & will roll over & beg for more.


Donovan is a friendly, sweet and outgoing cat that enjoys being petted. He is at his happiest when he is the center of the universe and being loved on. He will spend time in your lap, but prefers to just be near you or laying next to you. He lives with other cats and a dog and enjoys their company.


I'm a happy and busy little man. Don't be fooled by my small size - I am bigger than life! I love people and snuggling, but also love to romp with my doggie friends. I don't know any cats yet. Give me a call.


I am such a happy dude! I was taken in at the Brazoria Animal Shelter and they contacted Loving Arms who agreed that I am a handsome, friendly guy who needed a new home. I have lots of energy and love to play. Won’t you consider adopting me so we can make beautiful music together

Griffin Lee

Aren’t I a handsome dude? I was found wandering the streets in Brazoria County and taken to their shelter. It was a pretty harrowing experience during the few weeks there before Loving Arms pulled me out. Now I am back “on the road” looking for my new home. I’m a friendly boy who would love to be your new best friend. I see us taking walks together in nice weather, mind you. I weigh about 40 lbs so I am just the right size. Let’s be best friends so please consider adopting me soon.


I am a sweet boy who is a bit skittish but I'm getting used to new people and those noises all around us. I am good with cats, other dogs, kids and I am house trained. When I am comfortable with my surroundings I am a big, playful boy. I look forward to meeting my forever family soon.


Monty is an active middle-aged kitty. He survived a time being on his own, was rescued and is now so grateful for his foster home. Monty did not take long to appreciate soft furniture, a warm lap or bed and regular meals. He fit right in his foster home with numerous cats of assorted ages. He gets along with everyone. Monty especially likes to lay near his foster mom on the couch or sleep near her head in bed at night. When Monty was first rescued, the lady had several dogs and Monty was oblivious to them. He would do well in a home with other animals - or as an only kitty.


Dixon is a shy boy. He's a bit nervous when you pick him up, but then realizes he's going to be cuddled. Dixon likes the company of other cats and plays with toys. He may take awhile to lose his shyness, but he is worth the wait.


Greer is a happy, playful boy who loves playing with other kittens and toys. He starts purring even before you pick him up and enjoys being held and cuddled. Greer likes to sleep with other kittens and grooms the smaller ones - whether they want him to or not. He is a confidant kitten and loving companion.


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