My story sounds like a country western song. I was shot, hit by a car, dumped, unwanted and unloved. I was found and taken to a country animal control shelter. Animal Control asked for someone to help me and Loving Arms said YES and then took me in. I was skinny, had worms, my leg was infected where I had been shot, the back of my neck had a wound also (possibly from another bullet), part of my tail was missing and I’m blind in my right eye. But other than that, I was just fine. Oh, and did I tell you, they gave me a toy, and OMG was that fun!


I am a happy young guy even though life has been a bit overwhelming for me. I may seem timid at first. I have been adopted, was happy with my family but then they left town without me. My foster mom says that I have made lots of progress with coming out of my shell after being abandoned. I warm up easily with lots of love and attention and look forward to having a forever home and family that I can call my own. I am currently in a foster home with other dogs and cats and can’t wait to become a part of your loving family.


My mom volunteered with LAPP and when she saw me, it was love at first sight. I watch TV and help my mom when she is on her laptop. I am always asking to be cuddled, and I really like watching my mom draw. When I'm not with my mom, I'm always by a window starting outside. My mom says I'm best decision she ever made. She tells me how happy I make her and that adopting me was the smartest and best thing she ever did


Marshall has been the BEST pup I could ask for! I count myself so lucky to have him. He is full of personality and such a sweet boy- always up for any new adventure!


My guardian passed away. I miss her so much. Her family came and moved all the belonging out of her house. I was so hoping that they would take me with them but they left me in the yard. I was scared in all the storms. But I escaped and ran into a T. J. Maxx store as there were lots of people in there, surely someone would take a pretty friendly dog like me. The manager took me and put me on a leash. A customer in the store recognized me as being the pet of a deceased neighbor and provided my history. A volunteer with Loving Arms happened to be in the store.


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