Happy Endings - Adopted & Rescued Pets


Daisy with her new sibling, Hunter.


Daphne [previously known as Dragonfly] fits perfectly into our family. Cody even plays with her gently. She’s a mommy’s girl. I always wake up with her sleeping next to my head. We all love Daphne. She’s so confident, funny and loving.


I came from the mean streets of Houston where I was hit by a car. I think that is where I lost my tail but I don't know. I am a sweet girl just looking for a home of my own.


Faith is adjusting quite nicely and becoming my lap cat as you can see. We did change her name and it is now Daisy Faith Duke. I couldn’t help myself and had to rename her Daisy Duke, hah! Our other cat, Ziggy is getting used to her as well – a couple of more weeks and I believe they will be the dynamic duo.


Farrah is a love. She was originally Snookie, but now is Farrah. A welcome addition to our family. She is a hoot with her quest for action....but also loves attention and sharing her loud purrs!


I am a bit timid at first meeting people, but warm up quickly.