Happy Endings - Adopted & Rescued Pets


Cosmo's family says she is super-duper lovey, loves to have her belly scratched, and is very stretchy! She also loves to snuggle with her new family in the middle of the night, burrowing under the covers to get between them. They love her to death, and Cosmo is very happy with her adopted brother Bongo!


Daisy with her new sibling, Hunter.


Daphne [previously known as Dragonfly] fits perfectly into our family. Cody even plays with her gently. She’s a mommy’s girl. I always wake up with her sleeping next to my head. We all love Daphne. She’s so confident, funny and loving.


Although I can't tell you what happened, you will notice that I am slow to trust new people. Give me a chance to get to know you and I will be a loyal, forever companion.

You see, I was abandoned at a time when my ear infections caused severe pain. I didn't realize that my rescuers would help me, and my head was aching. Slowly I began to feel better, and could get the rest I needed.


I came from the mean streets of Houston where I was hit by a car. I think that is where I lost my tail but I don't know. I am a sweet girl just looking for a home of my own.


Faith is adjusting quite nicely and becoming my lap cat as you can see. We did change her name and it is now Daisy Faith Duke. I couldn’t help myself and had to rename her Daisy Duke, hah! Our other cat, Ziggy is getting used to her as well – a couple of more weeks and I believe they will be the dynamic duo.


Farrah is a love. She was originally Snookie, but now is Farrah. A welcome addition to our family. She is a hoot with her quest for action....but also loves attention and sharing her loud purrs!