Happy Endings - Adopted & Rescued Pets


One day, a very cute little black and silver dog went on a walk-about. He headed out on his adventure, looking for love, snacks or fun, in who knows what order. His path took him along a very busy road with no shoulder, a recipe for disaster for animals. Fortunately, a nice person stopped and grabbed him before he became a puddle of eyelashes on the road.


I am a sweet little girl that is on the quiet side. I love being with my foster mom and foster brothers and sisters. I would prefer to be in a home that does not have cats -- they scare me. I have an eye condition called Dry Eye and I have to get drops put in my eye every day. The drops don't cost much and they make my eyes feel so much better. I am potty trained and all you have to do is let me out a couple of times a day.

Queen B

Need a new family member that loves everyone and everything? We have the answer. Queen B was rescued from BARC, and we spent some time getting her skin cleared up. Now, she is ready for her happy ever after.

Queen B is housetrained, walks well on leash, and can be in a home with other dogs, cats and/or kids. She will quickly bond with a human, so be prepared for instant affection. She is truly a gem!


Here's Roxi! Formerly Dottie. She's been with her family for over a year now. Loves her brother Murphy, sunbathing and tons of walks! She's the biggest cuddler and loves attention! Her family is so happy to have her!


Position of "Furry Family Member" has been filled. Houston, the Scooby has landed and all is well.


Shelby's family says they are lucky to have her in their family. She is so affectionate and happy and they have named her Shelby the three-legged Wonderdog. Shelby was adopted earlier this year after coming to LAPP from Beaumont.


I am a sweet and happy lab mix, almost 1 year old. I would do well with a family, another dog or kids. All the best lab traits come with my beautiful blond looks. If you want a darker color, check out Gabby.


I found this beautiful female Pitbull running down highway 6, blocking traffic.
She's good with other dogs about her size and she loves to meet new people.
She like to chase cats.


This is Sunnie. She was adopted in April, 2015. Her family thinks she is a complete delight - so affectionate and playful.