Happy Endings - Adopted & Rescued Pets

Sunny and Venus

Both of us were adopted from LAPP. Even though we weren't adopted together, we get along and love each other. We love our new family and they love us.

Sweet Pea

They gave her that name because she is truly a sweetheart. Her 3 years have not been easy and her feet and legs have scars that cause one to wonder. Her favorite activity is to lay her head gently on your shoulder and ask, with soft and soulful eyes, for a long hug. We are just getting to know this wonderful lab/hound mix, but can guarantee that she would be your loyal companion. She loves other dogs and also children. She has not met any cats yet. Throw a ball for her and you will have a friend for life!


This is Teddy. He is shy, just like his brother. He likes to snuggle and get as close as possible to his foster mom. He is number 4 of our newest arrival.


My mom volunteered with LAPP and when she saw me, it was love at first sight. I watch TV and help my mom when she is on her laptop. I am always asking to be cuddled, and I really like watching my mom draw. When I'm not with my mom, I'm always by a window starting outside. My mom says I'm best decision she ever made. She tells me how happy I make her and that adopting me was the smartest and best thing she ever did


Tierney is a devoted companion who just wants to be near his person. He will follow you from room to room just to be with you. He especially likes sharing the couch with his foster mom and assorted cats in the evening. Tierney appeared suddenly one midnight at a store that was being remodeled. The workers found him severely injured and contacted our rescue group. After 10 days of painful bandage changes, Tierney's left front leg was amputated because the injury was too severe and the muscle and tissue was not growing back. This was for the best because the injured leg held him back.


Ok, it got a little weird in my former life. I’m a smart guy and learn easily – they really didn’t need to hit me. Ouch! Thankfully, those days are over – the “meanies” left me at the shelter and some kind folks came to get me. So, “adios” to bad dreams, bad people and being scared. I now have some dog friends, get walks and good treats and have learned to trust. Mostly, I want to sit in your lap and give all the kisses you want to take. My confidence is back, and you know my sweet face is irresistible – not to mention that crazy curly tail. You have my number.


My foster mom calls me 'Sweet Pea' because though he has had a rough go of it, getting eye drops that sting twice a day and taking liquid medicine, he doesn't avoid interaction and has soldiered on quite bravely. In fact,Todd is very affectionate and enjoys snuggling, which melts our hearts considering all that we have put him through to get him to his current healthy status. He is delightfully curious and seems interested in making friends with other household pets.


Toto was found running down the road, he had been hit by a car. But he is doing well and he is ready for his forever home.