Is there someone out there that will love me, please? My owner gave me to a family member and after a week, the family member abandoned me in a parking lot. A nice lady fed me for a week while I lived in the parking lot and then finally I was convinced to get in her car and take a ride. We went to the Petsmart where Loving Arms agreed to help me find a home, but right now there are no foster homes that are open and I’m having to stay in boarding. The people at boarding LOVE ME!!!!. I am comfortable around small dogs. My size is kind of deceptive – to look at me you would not realize that I weigh 90 pounds. The people caring for me give me as much attention as they can and I am friendly and easy going thanks to them. My confidence level has increased and now I'm comfortable in new situations and with new people. I would really love to be adopted but if you aren’t ready to adopt, maybe you will foster me. How about it??? Think you could do that??????