Wynonna is a cuddle bug. She wants to be with you or on you most of the time. She will crawl in your lap if
you’re sitting at a computer, or lay cradled in your arms if you’re watching tv. She is active and loves to play with
other cats and toys. She is a joy.


Bradley is a sweet grey tabby who is hardy, healthy and loves to play and chase other cats and toys. Bradley likes to talk if he's in the mood for a cuddle. He will entice you over to where he is, let you pet him, then flip on his back so you can give him good tummy rubs. He sleeps on the bed at night and likes to climb the cat trees.


Liam has a happy, tenacious spirit. He was found in a car engine alone. Liam loves chasing and playing with other cats, hanging out on the cat tree or sleeping on the bed. Sudden movements or sounds will make him jump down. Liam would be a great companion animal to another cat in a loving home.


Mila is a friendly, fun-loving girl who likes to play with others and with toys. She also is a cuddler and loves lap time.


With Alice, you could not ask for a sweeter lap cat. She craves company and seeks you out. Alice follows you around like a dog and can never get enough attention. She has the softest fur.


Gracie is a sweet laid back, lap cat. She gives great head butts and kisses. If there is sun shining near a window, Gracie loves to stretch out and bask in the sun.


My mom volunteered with LAPP and when she saw me, it was love at first sight. I watch TV and help my mom when she is on her laptop. I am always asking to be cuddled, and I really like watching my mom draw. When I'm not with my mom, I'm always by a window starting outside. My mom says I'm best decision she ever made. She tells me how happy I make her and that adopting me was the smartest and best thing she ever did


Allison is quiet and a bit shy. She displays playful kitten antics. Allison likes to climb up high to survey her domain. She is loving and likes to groom other cats. She has a dog friend in her foster home and can be found curled up next to him as they sleep.


Percy is a fun, playful kitty who gets along well with cats and dogs. He has a lot of energy and loves to join in whatever games or activities are happening. Percy loves companionship and will swat at you when he wants attention.


Cary is a young adult grey tabby who purrs almost the minute you make eye contact. He is so happy and friendly - he thinks everyone is at events to see him. He is very playful with cats, people and toys. Cary is interested in whatever is going on around him and enjoys one on one time with his person.


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