chi mix


Don’t I look handsome? I think I do, but I wonder why someone left me to wander the streets and get picked up by the Brazoria Animal Shelter. Luckily the nice lady there called Loving Arms and they rescued me. I am a sweet, sweet boy who loves everybody, including other dogs. I’m not sure about cats. The doctor took care of my sore leg and it feels so much better that I am ready to be adopted. Can you find a place in your heart for a fantastic young man like me?


Aren’t I a striking young man? I am very active even though I weigh only 12 lbs. I am ready to show you all my love so please consider adopting me. I am currently being fostered with other dogs and love playing with them. The family’s kids also like to play with me. So if you have other dogs and kids, I would be the perfect companion.


Don't let my "special needs" label scare you. I am almost completely blind, but move around well, and only need the sweet sound of your voice to guide me in unfamiliar areas. I love to sit outside and feel the warm sun on my face, and then will snuggle next to you when it is time to rest. Other dogs in my world are fine, and I really like it when they come up and want to get acquainted with their noses. I am laid back, sweet and hope to find a family of my own.


I'm a happy and outgoing guy. Give me a place by your side and I will be your loyal companion. I would enjoy a doggie friend in my new home. Cats look interesting, but we have not met in a formal manner.

Age: 1.5 years
Weight: 15 lbs.


I just turned 1 year old and am happy and outgoing. I have dog friends and love them. People are great, too, because they know how to cuddle. I am active, but not hyper. Love walks and playing with toys. I don't know any cats yet.


Ok, it got a little weird in my former life. I’m a smart guy and learn easily – they really didn’t need to hit me. Ouch! Thankfully, those days are over – the “meanies” left me at the shelter and some kind folks came to get me. So, “adios” to bad dreams, bad people and being scared. I now have some dog friends, get walks and good treats and have learned to trust. Mostly, I want to sit in your lap and give all the kisses you want to take. My confidence is back, and you know my sweet face is irresistible – not to mention that crazy curly tail. You have my number.

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