Available Cats


Ree is a dainty, loving girl who purrs when she sees you. She is a kitty who needs companionship, probably another cat. She doesn't do well with dogs or small children. She can get a little hissy around both. She is a sweet loving little girl who loves to play with a round ball track and other toys by herself and she enjoys chasing other cats around the house. She also likes to spend a lot of time looking out windows at birds and squirrels.



Rusty is a very active, playful girl. She enjoys playing with her twin sister, toys and other cats. She is quite the acrobat - entertaining you with jumps, flips and somersaults.


Salem is a playful kitten who was found alone in a shed just before Halloween. He loves to be around people and other pets, including dogs. He is litter trained and working on his kitty manners. Salem is always on the move and is looking for a family who will keep him entertained


Sansa is outgoing and social. She loves to be petted and is not shy about asking for cuddles. She has a loud and eager purr. Bold and adventurous, this energetic girl is always up for playing and exploring.


Sarah is a Manx cat with the coat coloring of a Russian Blue. Sarah is a rumpy - she has absolutely no tail. Sarah is a happy girl, very calm and loving. She had 2 babies of her own and accepted 2 other kittens as hers. She enjoys hanging out with you and being near where the home action is.


Selena is a sweet calico girl. She is a special needs kitty - only because her front right leg had to be amputated due to a birth defect. She is now a tripod and gets around wonderfully. There is nothing handicapped about Selena. She can jump into your lap for pets and cuddles as well as any cat.


Simon is a fun loving young man who loves playing with toys and chasing the laser light. He is happy playing with his toys by himself or with others. He has a lot of energy, but when he’s through playing he is content to lay in your lap or next to you.


Skitten is a sweet girl who will follow you around like a dog. She wants to be with her person. She likes to lay near her foster and sleep with her. Skitten plays with toys and enjoys climbing on tall cat trees. She is a wonderful companion.


Stewart is a happy guy who likes to play with his sister. He's learning to climb, bat a ball around and has been practicing rolling a ball around a circular track.


Tara is a laid back, Tortie female, who enjoys the company of humans and other cats. She is a great lap warmer.