Available Cats


Marissa is very sweet and will purr when you pet and hold her. She also seeks affection by rubbing her head against your hands and arms. She plays with toys and other cats.


Max is a spunky little boy. He is a rumpy Manx - absolutely no tail. He hippity hops because [being a Manx] his back legs are longer than the front legs. Max is so playful - with other kittens and with toys. He enjoys being held and purrs happily.


Meg is a dainty little girl. She is a bit shy at first, but likes being held. She likes to pounce on her brother, Stewart, and entice him to chase or wrestle. Meg likes rolling balls around and is still learning to roll a ball on a circular track. She does enjoy climbing.


Male cat with beautiful silky black fur who is on the quiet side and enjoys spending time with people and other cats. Gets along with dogs also.


Mila is a friendly, fun-loving girl who likes to play with others and with toys. She also is a cuddler and loves lap time.


I am a gorgeous tortoise-shell girl who loves to rub and lick your chin. I can't get enough attention from everyone in the house. I may be a little shy when I first meet you, but I warm up very quickly. Then, I'm by your side seeking constant attention. I love to look out the window and watch the birds. What I want most of all is a family to call my own. I get along great with everyone I meet - other cats and dogs. I currently live with 2 dogs and would fit into any household.


Molly is a quiet lady who loves laying in a warm lap. If a lap isn't available, she will seek out a sunny window sill or spot on a carpet to soak up sunshine. Molly enjoys being the center of someone's attention and would do best as an only cat or with 1 other cat for company. She likes the calm, quiet life. If her face looks a bit familiar, she is the same breed as Grumpy Cat.


Morris – named after Morris in the old cat food commercials – certainly is not a finicky eater like his namesake. The largest of the four in the litter he is filling out to be a big boy! He likes to run and tussle with his brothers and especially his one sister “Tink”. They are the largest two in the litter and have quite the wrestling match sometimes. He likes to be held and to have his head scratched. He particularly likes playing with “Tink” on the kitty condo his foster dad built out of coffee cans.


Nick is a very playful, affectionate boy. He isn't afraid of anything! He loves to sleep curled up next to his foster mom. Nick, along with his sister and brother, Nora and Noah, were found in a LAPP foster's garbage can! Despite that rough start, he is a healthy (growing like crazy), spunky ,sweet boy.


Noodles was born in September, 2016. She lives with other cats and a dog and has spent time with children. She can sometimes have a bit of an attitude and would probably prefer to be an only child or have only one other cat in the house. Please consider adding Noodles to your family.