Available Cats


Lily is a dainty Siamese mix whose mom is a Manx. Lily has a tail. Her fur is a delightful smattering of grey highlights on tail, ears, face and legs. She has beautiful Siamese blue eyes. Lily likes to play hard with the other kittens and toys, but enjoys a loving cuddle with her person.


Lucy is a precious, happy, orange tabby kitten with beautiful amber eyes. She is totally happy living with cat friendly dogs but really likes to be the only feline princess. She knows her name and comes when you call her. She loves to play bottle tops, eat yummy food and she loves to sleep cuddled up to you.


Lucy is a precious, happy little orange tabby with beautiful amber eyes. She is a bit unique because she is a female orange tabby . Most orange tabbies are male. She actually knows her name and comes when you call her. Lucy LOVES to play with bottle tops or anything she can bat around/carry around in her mouth, eat yummy food and to sleep cuddled up to you. At times she is quite independent but is also sweet and wants to be around you.


Macie is a very talkative girl. She's got a lot to say and enjoys sharing her thoughts. She is energetic and likes playing with toys - especially when you interact with her. She enjoys companionship and cuddles.


Mackenzie is an affectionate, lovable guy who loves to be around people. He gets along with other cats and dogs too. Mackenzie has a wonderful disposition and is looking for a family to join.


Mandy is a beautiful tuxedo cat who loves attention and purrs loudly when you pet her. She gets along well with dogs and other cats. Mandy is longing for a forever home.


Marissa is very sweet and will purr when you pet and hold her. She also seeks affection by rubbing her head against your hands and arms. She plays with toys and other cats.


Max is a spunky little boy. He is a rumpy Manx - absolutely no tail. He hippity hops because [being a Manx] his back legs are longer than the front legs. Max is so playful - with other kittens and with toys. He enjoys being held and purrs happily.


Meg is a dainty little girl. She is a bit shy at first, but likes being held. She likes to pounce on her brother, Stewart, and entice him to chase or wrestle. Meg likes rolling balls around and is still learning to roll a ball on a circular track. She does enjoy climbing.


Male cat with beautiful silky black fur who is on the quiet side and enjoys spending time with people and other cats. Gets along with dogs also.