Hi my name is Hope.

I am a German Shepherd and here’s a little bit about me. On Saturday I was enjoying a ride in a pickup truck but was pushed out, at a Pet Smart store - while the truck was still moving. I don’t know why they pushed me out but it made me very sad. I don’t understand why they threw me from the truck I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m very sweet and love treats - I look for them whenever I can.

When my new foster mom picked me up, she told me that I had an eye infection and that’s why my eyes were bothering me. She took me to the vet and they told her that my eyes aren’t producing tears and I had a scratch on one of them. That’s why it was hurting me. My foster mom puts eye drops in my eyes twice a day and she says I will need that the rest of my life. The medicine makes my eyes feel better, so I just let her put the drops in my eyes without making a fuss.

I am quiet, well behaved and I like to walk on a leash - I don’t pull much and I do know how to sit if you ask. I am about ten years old. I have been spayed and microchipped and I am crate trained.

My foster mom tells me I’m beautiful and deserve a loving forever home. If you would like to know more about me, or you’re interested in adopting me, ask my foster mom or one of the Loving Arms volunteers.

Thank you for reading my bio.