Available Dogs


Is there someone out there that will love me, please? My owner gave me to a family member and after a week, the family member abandoned me in a parking lot. A nice lady fed me for a week while I lived in the parking lot and then finally I was convinced to get in her car and take a ride. We went to the Petsmart where Loving Arms agreed to help me find a home, but right now there are no foster homes that are open and I’m having to stay in boarding. The people at boarding LOVE ME!!!!. I am comfortable around small dogs.


Personality: Playful
Likes: Other Dogs (especially Honey), people, treats, walks,
Pet bed, toys
Dislikes: Being outside without the company of a person
(not sure if I like cats or not)
Medical: Fully vaccinated
Heartworm preventative (montly)
Weight: 85 lbs
Age Estimate: 1 ½-2 Years


Don’t I look handsome? I think I do, but I wonder why someone left me to wander the streets and get picked up by the Brazoria Animal Shelter. Luckily the nice lady there called Loving Arms and they rescued me. I am a sweet, sweet boy who loves everybody, including other dogs. I’m not sure about cats. The doctor took care of my sore leg and it feels so much better that I am ready to be adopted. Can you find a place in your heart for a fantastic young man like me?


Surpised to still see me? No kidding. I guess my beauty is just too overwhelming for potential adopters.

I am a big marshmallow with the cutest little nub of a tail. My favorite activity is to be loved on by people and I really enjoy all attention. I am fine with other dogs and especially like the smaller ones. They are cute and fun to play with. And don’t worry – I am gentle. Now, about cats – I love to give chase, so it would be best if you have a cat free household. Let’s just keep it between the humans and other dogs. Thank you.


I was doing my best to care for my 3 babies, and thankfully some kind people came to my rescue. The pups are now 8 weeks old (Dolly, Beau and Roy) and are ready for homes of their own. I am done raising youngsters, and want to find a forever family. I am sweet, affectionate and will love to be close to you. I weigh 18 lbs. - just the right size.

Mrs. Potts

Mrs. Potts is a sweet companion. She enjoys people, going for walks and hanging out. She may be best as an only dog so she may have all your attention.


I was dumped with my siblings when I was only three weeks old. Now, I'm ready for my furever home. I am house trained, get along with other dogs, love people and have lots of energy. I would love to be a part of your family.


Aren’t I a cutie? Look how pretty my coat looks. Can you believe someone decided to leave me alone in a cart in a pet store? I’ve had puppies and I guess they thought I was too old and had some health issues so I couldn’t produce more puppies. Loving Arms has taken me under into their loving arms and I am getting much better. My hair is looking good and the doctor says I’m on the road to good health and with the help of Loving Arms on the road to happiness and into a really loving home where I can cuddle with you.