Available Dogs


Me and my shadow (Leah) are waiting here for you to adopt us. We were left together at a kennel 4 years ago so we are closely bonded and need to be adopted as a pair. I am a happy-go-lucky girl who can’t wait to play with Leah in your back yard and be part of your family. Even though we are cared for and loved at the kennel we dream of having a home of our own with you and your family.


Look at those eyes, aren’t I a sympathetic soul? I would make a wonderful companion for your family. I enjoy being with people, children and other dogs. However, I am not fond of cats and like to chase them. If you like walks, someone to play fetch and run, I am your guy. I’m ready to give this adoption thing a try and see if we make a good fit. How about you?


I'm a happy and outgoing guy. Give me a place by your side and I will be your loyal companion. I would enjoy a doggie friend in my new home. Cats look interesting, but we have not met in a formal manner.

Age: 1.5 years
Weight: 15 lbs.


I just turned 1 year old and am happy and outgoing. I have dog friends and love them. People are great, too, because they know how to cuddle. I am active, but not hyper. Love walks and playing with toys. I don't know any cats yet.


It took some time for my leg injury to heal, but now I am good to go! I will be your best cuddler and you can be my rock star. I love walks, play time and a soft bed by your side. I have foster dog friends and like them, but really prefer peeps. I am small, just 12 lbs. and can't wait to start off my new life on all 4 paws. Young children might be a bit too much and I have not met cats although I see them on my walks. They don't seem like very good play friends.

Let's meet soon.


Is there someone out there that will love me, please? My owner gave me to a family member and after a week, the family member abandoned me in a parking lot. A nice lady fed me for a week while I lived in the parking lot and then finally I was convinced to get in her car and take a ride. We went to the Petsmart where Loving Arms agreed to help me find a home, but right now there are no foster homes that are open and I’m having to stay in boarding. The people at boarding LOVE ME!!!!. I am comfortable around small dogs.


I am so excited to be outside with my best friend, Gertie. We were left at a kennel 4 years ago and are closely bonded so need to be adopted as a pair. I am a sweet girl who can’t wait to walk with you and play with Gertie in your back yard. We make a cute couple don’t we?


Personality: Playful
Likes: Other Dogs (especially Honey), people, treats, walks,
Pet bed, toys
Dislikes: Being outside without the company of a person
(not sure if I like cats or not)
Medical: Fully vaccinated
Heartworm preventative (montly)
Weight: 85 lbs
Age Estimate: 1 ½-2 Years


I am all dressed up and ready to go for a walk with my favorite person, you. I get along with foster buddy, Barkley, and am a really smart and good boy. Call our number and make an appointment to see me in person and let’s see if we can make a match.


I am such a happy dude! I was taken in at the Brazoria Animal Shelter and they contacted Loving Arms who agreed that I am a handsome, friendly guy who needed a new home. I have lots of energy and love to play. Won’t you consider adopting me so we can make beautiful music together