Available Cats


Stoney is a calm, confident cat. He may be shy at first, but he warms up after getting to know you. Stoney gets along with his brothers, other cats, dogs and children. He loves getting belly rubs.


Tara is a laid back, Tortie female, who enjoys the company of humans and other cats. She is a great lap warmer.


Teddy is a lovable kitten who purrs loudly and has a soft silky coat. Teddy likes to play with other cats and even gets along with dogs. He is longing for a forever family to snuggle with.


Tony is small for his age, but very active. He loves to cuddle and sleep with his foster mom. Tony plays with toys, other kittens and anything that looks interesting to him. Tony enjoys building his muscles by climbing on the cat trees and wrestling with other kittens.


Valentino is a laid back, low maintenance fellow. He is very easy-going. Valentino is happy to be with human and animal company or by himself. He likes to hang out where you are.


Wynonna is a loving, confident little girl. She wants to sit in your lap whenever you're seated. She enjoys snuggling in bed and loves to be held. Wynonna is very active, playing with the other kittens and with toys.


Zeus is a sweet black and white kitten. He is confident and practical. He will check out something new to him and decide whether it is worth his time to explore further or move on to something more interesting. Zeus is active and loves to play with his siblings and toys. He purrs when cuddled.