Available Cats

Patches 3

Patches 3 is a dark tortie girl who is interested in everything going on around her. She enjoys being with her people. She is good with other cats and dogs.


Peace is a gorgeous long haired white and silver/black tabby. His fur is so soft and silky. Peace is an energetic cat who loves to play with his foster brothers and sisters. He likes other cats and dogs too. Peace is looking for a family who will love and play with him.


Pepe was named for the skunk stripe down his back. He loves to held and has the loudest purr. His favorite toy is a small fuzzy ball. He picks it up in his mouth, carries it, drops it, bats at it - game on. Being an orphan, Pepe has not had much contact with other cats. He seems to have imprinted on his foster family's small dogs. He enjoys playing with and teasing them.


Percy is a fun, playful kitty who gets along well with cats and dogs. He has a lot of energy and loves to join in whatever games or activities are happening. Percy loves companionship and will swat at you when he wants attention.


My name is Picasso. I am super outgoing, LAP CAT. I love people and young children. I love to be held when I'm not exploring the house. Please consider making me a part of your family. I would fit nicely into any household.


Quincy is an active cat who plays with toys by himself and with other cats. Quincy can sometimes try to show a dominant side if there is only one other cat around. He would do best in a home with two other cats who can take turns running, chasing and playing with Quincy. Quincy is affectionate and will sometimes try to stretch on your leg to get your attention. He mainly wants to be held or petted. He enjoys human and cat company.


Rachel enjoys being held and will start purring the moment you touch her. She is very active and loves playing with toys, her twin sister and other cats. She's a happy little girl.


Ree is a dainty, loving girl who purrs when she sees you She is a kitty who needs companionship, probably another cat. She doesn't do well with dogs or small children. She can get a little hissy around both. She is a sweet loving little girl who loves to play. Ree enjoys playing with a round ball track by herself and she enjoys chasing other cats around the house. She also likes to spend a lot of time looking out windows at birds and squirrels.



Rudolph is an easy going guy who enjoys head rubs and quality time with his human. He does not like to be carried around, but doesn’t mind being picked up and held. He like to take naps with cats and/or dogs. Rudolph is a nice low-maintenance companion who will keep you company while watching television or reading a book.


Rusty is a very active, playful girl. She enjoys playing with her twin sister, toys and other cats. She is quite the acrobat - entertaining you with jumps, flips and somersaults.