Available Cats


I am quite confused. I was adopted from Loving Arms when I was three & a half months old.
My adoptive family kept me for many years, then took me to an animal shelter.
The shelter called Loving Arms to let them know I no longer was wanted by my family. I don’t understand.
I am living with my fosters now, but am looking for a home that will keep me ‘furrever’ & ever.
Foster Mom says you will need to give me time to adjust; I am no youngster. Once I know you, I like to be where you are (& sleep at your feet at night).


Grace is a charming muted gray tabby. She is calm and low key, but enjoys playing with people, toys and other cats.


Gracie is a sweet laid back, lap cat. She gives great head butts and kisses. If there is sun shining near a window, Gracie loves to stretch out and bask in the sun.


I'm a quiet young lady that enjoys naps on warm laps and being close to my human. I have the softest fur and purrbox and really enjoy all the one-on-one time I can have. I am used to being with other cats. I also live with dogs and enjoy them, too.


Good things come in small packages. Harrison is small for his age, but he is strong and energetic. He enjoys climbing on cat trees, chasing and wrestling with another kitten and climbing his foster mom's leg so he can snuggle in her lap. Harrison loves cuddles and sleeping with his foster at night. If you love watching movies and eating popcorn, Harrison will be more than happy to join you. He loves to eat popcorn and prefers the big, fluffier kernels. He is a hearty eater and is steadily growing to keep up with the other cats.


Beautiful gray and white male who is full of mischief, energy and very happy-go-lucky attitude. Nothing bothers this young man.


If you work at home, wouldn't you love to hang out with this magnificent brown tabby? Kelso is a total couch potato who wants to be with his humans while they watch television or work on the computer. He is very affectionate and likes to give kisses and head butts. Kelso is good with small dogs, kids and other cats.


Kit-Kat is a 4 year old sweet lap cat. She is a little shy at first, but once she gets to know you she wants to be in your lap and talk to you. Kit-Kat is very affectionate and gets along well with other cats.


Don’t let my age fool you. If you want someone that will give you headbuts, flop over so you can rub my tummy, and keep you busy petting me and telling me what a good girl I am, then I’m your cat. If you will let me in your lap, I’ll keep it nice and warm and will sleep with you at night if you want me to. I have lived with dogs and cats and get along well with them. I have not lived with children, but as long as I’m treated nicely, I get along with everyone.
Lacey has the cutest "reverse" freckles across her face - white dots on black fur.


Liam has a happy, tenacious spirit. He was found in a car engine alone. Liam loves chasing and playing with other cats, hanging out on the cat tree or sleeping on the bed. Sudden movements or sounds will make him jump down. Liam would be a great companion animal to another cat in a loving home.