Available Cats


Clark is a happy guy who is interested in his surroundings. He likes to explore or watch whatever task you might be doing. He's a talker and will let you know that he would like to play and then settle in for a good cuddle.


Coral enjoys laying next to you when you're relaxing and occasionally sleeping with you. She is energetic, likes toys and playing with her foster. Coral doesn't mind other cats around her, but likes to have things go her way. Coral would enjoy life more as an only cat where she is the center of attention, or with 1 other cat that lets Coral be in charge. She is familiar with dogs.


Daisy is a sweet Maine Coon girl. She follows her foster around, is talkative and wants to be involved in whatever is happening.


Dexter is a lovebug. He wants to be with his person and seeks your companionship. He is friendly to all - cats, people and dogs. He was brought to Loving Arms because he persisted in accompanying a man as he walked his dog several mornings. Dexter has a most unusal colored coat. It is a fluffy white with black and reddish brown splotches. Dexter wants to belong.


Diana is a beautiful little tuxedo, who enjoys playing with other cats and toys. She is interested in whatever activities are happening around her. Diana is comfortable around dogs and cats.


I'm quite the talker and love sitting in a warm lap and head-butting you. That is my way of saying I love you. I have a great purr box and get along with my foster brothers and sisters and even get along with the dog.


Edwin is a brown tabby with a beautiful green eyes. He is playful, but loves to snuggle in your lap for a nap. He enjoys playing with feather toys. Edwin is looking for a family to play with him. Edwin gets along with other cats and dogs too.


Meet Ellen. Ellen loves companionship and head/neck rubs and will reward you with nonstop purring. She is a very loving kitty who is now getting the help she needs to turn her life around.


Emily is a quiet dilute tortie who likes to sleep with her foster at night. Emily likes to be near her foster mom but likes to also play with other kittens and toys.


Figaro is a calm, confident cat. He may be shy at first, but he warms up after getting to know you. Figaro gets along with his brothers, other cats, dogs and children. He loves getting belly rubs.