Available Cats


Diana is a beautiful little tuxedo, who enjoys playing with other cats and toys. She is interested in whatever activities are happening around her. Diana is comfortable around dogs and cats.


I'm quite the talker and love sitting in a warm lap and head-butting you. That is my way of saying I love you. I have a great purr box and get along with my foster brothers and sisters and even get along with the dog.


Edwin is a brown tabby with a beautiful green eyes. He is playful, but loves to snuggle in your lap for a nap. He enjoys playing with feather toys. Edwin is looking for a family to play with him. Edwin gets along with other cats and dogs too.


Meet Ellen. Ellen loves companionship and head/neck rubs and will reward you with nonstop purring. She is a very loving kitty who is now getting the help she needs to turn her life around.


Grace is a charming muted gray tabby. She is calm and low key, but enjoys playing with people, toys and other cats.


Gracie is a sweet laid back, lap cat. She gives great head butts and kisses. If there is sun shining near a window, Gracie loves to stretch out and bask in the sun.


Jack is a sweet, low maintenance cat. He likes to be where his person is and enjoys attention. Jack likes ear rubs, petting and giving head butts as a sign of affection. He's a calm companion.


Joseph was brought into Loving Arms as an injured baby. He spent several days in the hospital and was released with a good health report. Joseph had a tilt to his head, and it was determined he had polyps in his ears. The polyps were removed and Joseph was pronounced completely healthy. However, the polyps did cause Joseph to lose his hearing. That does not slow him down at all. He has learned hand signals and has a BIG voice. So when he wants your attention, you will DEFINITELY hear him. Joseph is so sweet and loving.


Beautiful gray and white male who is full of mischief, energy and very happy-go-lucky attitude. Nothing bothers this young man.


If you work at home, wouldn't you love to hang out with this magnificent brown tabby? Kelso is a total couch potato who wants to be with his humans while they watch television or work on the computer. He is very affectionate and likes to give kisses and head butts. Kelso is good with small dogs, kids and other cats.