Available Cats


Bailey is the most outgoing of the 3 siblings. Bailey lights up when she sees you. Her tail is straight up, she starts talking and weaving back and forth. As soon as you touch her soft fur, the loud purring starts. Bailey is very energetic and loves to play with other kittens and toys.


Beignet has a lot of energy and has to be the center of your attention. He loves being held or laying in your lap. He gives lots of kisses and head rubs. Beignet likes to sleep next to you. He gets along great with other cats and with dogs, but would also be a great companion as an only cat. He craves his person's attention.


Don't let that innocent look fool you. My foster mom calls my Wild Bill because I'm the first to try new stuff, the first to greet my foster mom when she comes home and I'm always ready to play. But, when I'm through being Wild Bill, I'm ready to be your little teddy bear and just snuggle with you.


Blackie is just that - very black with a hint of tiger marks . Notice his very long legs – he can run and scamper faster than lightening and can climb better than any of his brothers or sister. He was the first one over the baby gate and out of the kitchen! His needs are simple he can have fun with just about anything - a box, flyswatter, toilet paper tube, piece of string. He loves to cuddle with Bruce when he sleeps.


Blossom is a beautiful Siamese mix who is cautious at first, but quickly warms up to whoever will cuddle her. She likes playing with other cats and toys. Blossom is accustomed to dogs.


Bradley is a sweet grey tabby who is hardy, healthy and loves to play and chase other cats and toys. Bradley likes to talk if he's in the mood for a cuddle. He will entice you over to where he is, let you pet him, then flip on his back so you can give him good tummy rubs. He sleeps on the bed at night and likes to climb the cat trees.


Bruce may be one of the smallest of the four kittens but he was in charge from the day we found them. He marched across the yard and said “You aren’t going home without us”. He has the sweetest face and loves to be held on his back and have his belly scratched. He is also been a talker from day one and lets us know when he wants something. He has short little whiskers that look almost like eyelashes. Guess those will grow with him.


If you are looking for the perfect companion for your existing cat, Candy is the one for you. Candy loves to play with other cats and kittens, as well as toys. She likes to hang out on the cat trees and sleep on the bed with foster mom. While Candy is not a lap cat, she is a great companion for another cat.


Cary is a young adult grey tabby who purrs almost the minute you make eye contact. He is so happy and friendly - he thinks everyone is at events to see him. He is very playful with cats, people and toys. Cary is interested in whatever is going on around him and enjoys one on one time with his person.


Celeste is a sweet dilute tortie who loves head rubs. She loves to be brushed and purrs non-stop if you want to love on her. Celeste is a wonderful lap companion when you're watching tv, reading or working at the computer. She enjoys the company of other cats and dogs.