Available Cats


Chloe is a beautiful calico who is quiet and low maintenance. She gets along with cats and dogs. Chloe is a sweet loving lap cat who loves to snuggle.


Claire is a dainty girl who can't get close enough to you. She loves to be petted and talked to. She's a lap cat and loves to snuggle with you. She enjoys playing with toys and other cats. She's a lively companion.


Cory is a high energy, playful cat who also loves to lay in your lap and be snuggled. He enjoys playing with toys, children and dogs. Cory can sometimes try to show a dominant side if there are other cats around. When Cory is happy, he purrs like a machine. He would do best in a home with a dog who will run, chase and play with Cory.


Crawdad is a fun-loving lap cat. Crawdad wants to be wherever you are. She loves being on or near you, especially when you rub her head or ears. Crawdad likes to sleep on her foster's bed, up by the head and enjoys morning cuddles. Crawdad is a very loving companion.


Donovan is an easy-going guy who loves cuddles and a warm lap. He is a great companion for watching TV.


Edwin is a brown tabby with a beautiful green eyes. He is playful, but loves to snuggle in your lap for a nap. He enjoys playing with feather toys. Edwin is looking for a family to play with him. Edwin gets along with other cats and dogs too.


Grace is a charming muted gray tabby. She is calm and low key, but enjoys playing with people, toys and other cats.


Gracie is a sweet laid back, lap cat. She gives great head butts and kisses. If there is sun shining near a window, Gracie loves to stretch out and bask in the sun.


I am a very happy kitty and constantly purr.... I love to be held and cuddled and I love to give kisses,too. I get excited and talk alot when it's feeding time. I enjoy playing with all sorts of toys - like balls will bells, toy mice that are furry and the play sticks that have long strings with hanging toys,feathers etc. I love to help my foster mom sweep with the broom. I play with the bristles to help keep the house tidy. I would love to be adopted with one of my siblings if at all possible, or have a playmate in my forever home.


Jack is a sweet, low maintenance cat. He likes to be where his person is and enjoys attention. Jack likes ear rubs, petting and giving head butts as a sign of affection. He's a calm companion.