Available Cats


Blair is a sweet kitten who may already be showing signs of being a bit of a diva. Her hair is a muted grey and softer than her sisters'. Blair enjoys playing with other kittens and toys, but also likes to sit apart and watch the activity. She enjoys being cuddled and will purr happily in your arms.


Blossom is a beautiful Siamese mix who is cautious at first, but quickly warms up to whoever will cuddle her. She likes playing with other cats and toys. Blossom is accustomed to dogs.


Bradley is a sweet grey tabby who is hardy, healthy and loves to play and chase other cats and toys. Bradley likes to talk if he's in the mood for a cuddle. He will entice you over to where he is, let you pet him, then flip on his back so you can give him good tummy rubs. He sleeps on the bed at night and likes to climb the cat trees.


Brigitta is a happy girl who loves to follow her foster mom around. She wants to be near or touching you. She craves companionship, yet is happy to amuse herself with toys and playing with other cats. She also enjoys her naps as she recharges for her next round of activities. Brigitta loves to watch birds and squirrels out the window and has a soft staccato chatter as she talks to them.


If you are looking for the perfect companion for your existing cat, Candy is the one for you. Candy loves to play with other cats and kittens, as well as toys. She likes to hang out on the cat trees and sleep on the bed with foster mom. While Candy is not a lap cat, she is a great companion for another cat.


Cary is a young adult grey tabby who purrs almost the minute you make eye contact. He is so happy and friendly - he thinks everyone is at events to see him. He is very playful with cats, people and toys. Cary is interested in whatever is going on around him and enjoys one on one time with his person.


Celeste is a sweet dilute tortie who loves head rubs. She loves to be brushed and purrs non-stop if you want to love on her. Celeste is a wonderful lap companion when you're watching tv, reading or working at the computer. She enjoys the company of other cats and dogs.


Chandler is a sweet grey tabby with dark, wide stripes. She enjoys cuddling, playing with other kittens and toys. Chandler is energetic and plays hard - until she drops into a deep sleep.


Charcoal is a funny black and white tuxedo kitty. He will talk to get your attention and beg you to interact with him. He loves attention, petting and head rubs. Charcoal loves playing with toys, strings and other cats. He gets along well with dogs.


Chloe is a beautiful calico who is quiet and low maintenance. She gets along with cats and dogs. Chloe is a sweet loving lap cat who loves to snuggle.